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Education Agents

You can find a specialised agent to apply for your student visa in the following link. We have partnership with education agencies from all parts of the world that can help you with all the details of applying for a student visa from overseas or if you are planning to extend your studies in Australia.


For us is very important that our agents establish a strong connection that we can preserve over the years. Our aim is to offer high quality programs to our students accompanied with the top-tier of the agents around the world to support their visa processing and travelling.

We are very rigorous in our agent application processes; every agent in the list have successfully completed Swan Institute Australia's application process and referencing to become an official agent.


Agent Application Form


Agent List


Forms and Regulations

Become one of our agents

1. Complete the Agent Application Form.


2. Send the completed Agent Application Form along with your company profile and registration of business certificate to Swan Institute Australia. (Via email:


3. We will send you an the Agent agreement outlining terms, conditions and commissions after conducting a satisfactory reference       check on your business.


4. Sign and return the Agent agreement to us.

5. You will be appointed as our official education agent once we have received your signed copy.

6. We will provide marketing materials and training to promote our courses.

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